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A Red Siamese Fighting Fish in an Aquarium
A Red Siamese Fighting Fish in an Aquarium Photographic Print
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Dahlias and Goldfish
Dahlias and Goldfish Art Print
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Fiji Barrier Reef
Fiji Barrier Reef Art Print
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Cat and Fish
Cat and Fish Art Print
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Goldfish Art Print
Matisse, Henri
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Under The Sea
Under The Sea Art Print
Elmer, Marnie...
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Dalmation Dog Looking at Dalmation Fish
Dalmation Dog Looking at Dalmation Fish Art Print
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Angelfish of the Caribbean
Angelfish of the Caribbean Art Print
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Under the Sea
Under the Sea Art Print
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Tropical Triptych II
Tropical Triptych II Art Print
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Fish Abound in a Coral Reef off the Coast of Papua New Guinea
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Aquarium Pumps - Up Close and Personal

Maintaining an aquarium conducive to the healthy existence of the fish we keep requires a simulation of the living conditions present in their natural habitat. Among these two conditions, two are considered as very essential. These are:

1. Oxygen, which is vital for the life of our aquatic pets as they need this compound element to breathe; and

2. Water circulation, which is critical for a variety of reasons, namely:

A. To prevent the buildup of unwanted substances in the aquarium;

B. To create desirable pressure that would make our fish hardier; and

C. To keep the water fresh, as much as their cycle would allow.

These conditions are perfectly satisfied by an aquarium accessory called a fish tank pump. A fish tank pump generates air into the water, allowing the latter to move at a constant pace. Also, the air produced by the pump provides the oxygen which the fish need for breathing.

Additionally, air would be encapsulated in bubbles when generated into water, and when these bubbles rise to the surface, it takes with it carbon dioxide and other substances detrimental to the good health of our fishes.

Another use for a fish tank pump is as power supplies for protein skimmers and filtration systems. Some pumps, especially the powerhead variety, also siphon water into the filtration system and into the protein skimmer. When water passes through the filtration system, it is cleansed of the undesirable substances that may have built up. When water passed through the protein skimmer, it is imbued with the aforementioned organic compound as well as the 20 beneficial amino acids it is composed of.

There are kinds of fish tank pump in the market today. Let's take a look at them.

1. Powerhead pumps. These are submersible pumps that are best suited for bigger aquariums. There are powerhead pumps that can generate air at 50 GPH (gallons per hour). There are more powerful powerhead pumps built to generate air at 5,000 GPH. Your choice of powerhead pumps depend on the size of the aquarium you're keeping.

2. Ordinary pumps. These are the types that are usually packaged in a variety of creative designs. More than mere fish tank ornaments, they are likewise used to pump air into the water. But since these pumps are only capable of small, intermittent amount of air, they are only recommended for aquariums smaller than 5 gallons.

3. External pumps. These are the pumps required for marine aquarium setups, where water circulation should be kept at a minimum though not necessarily disregarded.

Though there are alternatives for fish tank pumps as oxygen providers, such as air stones, natural ecosystems and the likes, only the aforesaid device can continually provide water circulation necessary to keep the water fresh for a long time. Hence, these aquarium pumps are a must for any fish keeper who wishes nothing but optimal health for his aquatic pets.

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Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and beyond. (Kurt Melvin). All rights reserved.


adventure travel | skiing | scuba | sailing | pets | rafting | kayaks | fishing | camping | biking