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A Red Siamese Fighting Fish in an Aquarium
A Red Siamese Fighting Fish in an Aquarium Photographic Print
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Dahlias and Goldfish
Dahlias and Goldfish Art Print
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Fiji Barrier Reef
Fiji Barrier Reef Art Print
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Cat and Fish
Cat and Fish Art Print
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Goldfish Art Print
Matisse, Henri
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Under The Sea
Under The Sea Art Print
Elmer, Marnie...
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Dalmation Dog Looking at Dalmation Fish
Dalmation Dog Looking at Dalmation Fish Art Print
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Angelfish of the Caribbean
Angelfish of the Caribbean Art Print
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Under the Sea
Under the Sea Art Print
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Tropical Triptych II
Tropical Triptych II Art Print
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We have tons of the coolest fish and aquarium posters! Check us out...

Search For Fish Posters

Fish Abound in a Coral Reef off the Coast of Papua New Guinea
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Aquarium Screen Savers

Screensavers are vital to keeping harm from happening to your personal computer. If an image remains motionless on the screen for too long, the image can end up burning itself into the screen. Not good.

So, the screensaver will add a little motion to the screen and eliminates that pesky burn in problem.

But no one wants to look at a boring screensaver no matter how helpful they are. Dull images are lifeless, that is why something personalized or cool makes a great screensaver. And when it comes to visually pleasing, a fish tank screen saver is a lot of fun to look at.

Granted, a fish tank screen saver is not as cool as those DVDís that ďplayĒ a fish tank on your TV and saving you the trouble of buying real fish. On second thought, scratch that. Fish tank DVDís are absolutely idiotic. While it is true some of those DVDís are marketed for catís to watch; cats will generally ignore such a dumb item.

A fish tank screen saver remains cool because it can come in a variety of species of fish. (Thereís probably a piranha screensaver for the terminally weird) And besides the variety of fish offered, the graphics are incredibly lifelike and realistic thanks in part to highly developed 3-D graphics. A high tech fish tank screen savers is a marvel to watch.

So, instead of just selecting one of those run of the mill free screensaver programs that are bland beyond belief, explore the option of a fish tank screensaver. It will add quite a bit of spark to your personal computer terminal.

Be warned, however, a piranha screensaver will probably prove unnerving to fellow co-workers and may even kill off any chance at promotion. Stick with the more sane and sensible fish tank screen saver programs out there and you will do fine.

Aquarium Screen Savers Part II

Relaxing. Calming. Invigorating. Stimulating. Soothing. Serene.

These are the usual answers people would give whenever they're asked for a reason why they maintain aquariums in their households. Indeed, a fish tank setup which is home to a variety of vibrantly colored and graceful fishes has its way of providing us with mental and emotional comfort. And often, it's a psychosomatic thing, relaxing and refreshing our bodies at the same time.

It's true. Therapists the world over strongly recommend the maintenance of an aquarium for people caught in the fast pace of urban living. Fish keeping is also used as an affirmative therapy for depression, as well as an anti-tension mechanism for anger management programs.

Does this mean, however, that the healing effects of aquarium keeping can only be enjoyed by maintaining an actual aquarium? Such could be difficult, if not expensive. There should be a more cost-efficient and a more convenient alternative, right?

Enter fish tank screen saver programs. Now, we all know what screen savers are. These are power-saving devices that place our monitors on sleep mode after a period of inactivity. Screen savers come in a variety of designs, and they have become more and more creative throughout the years, thanks to tremendous and fascinating leaps in programming technology.

One of the best varieties of screen savers is the fish tank screen saver program. You could actually enjoy a living, breathing aquatic environment populated by a diverse selection of beautifully colored fishes that move as gracefully as their real world counterparts, right on your desktop!

Indeed, these "virtual" fishes swim so realistically, and the digital environment they call their home looks like the real thing. Aquatic plants sway as they would in real life, in accordance with the circulation of the water. Bubbles form so naturally, and move so sensibly as they rise to the surface. Ambient sounds capture the audible nature of a fish tank to a tee.

And the fishes! The fishes in a fish tank screen saver program are so realistic that the user may even develop a certain fondness and attachment for them.

Work may be wearing you down. A personal email may have left you distressed. Your stocks may have been on a downward spiral. But once a fish tank screen saver kicks in and captures your attention with its mini-world of aquatic wonders, you'd feel a lot more relaxed.

Best of all, you won't have to contend with the rigors of actual aquarium maintenance, and the costs that usually go with it.

There are some of these screen saver programs you could purchase, and there are some which you could download for free. They are everywhere, so there won't be any problems in finding a virtual setup that would suit your tastes.

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Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and beyond. (Kurt Melvin). All rights reserved.


adventure travel | skiing | scuba | sailing | pets | rafting | kayaks | fishing | camping | biking