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A Red Siamese Fighting Fish in an Aquarium
A Red Siamese Fighting Fish in an Aquarium Photographic Print
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Dahlias and Goldfish
Dahlias and Goldfish Art Print
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Fiji Barrier Reef
Fiji Barrier Reef Art Print
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Cat and Fish
Cat and Fish Art Print
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Goldfish Art Print
Matisse, Henri
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Under The Sea
Under The Sea Art Print
Elmer, Marnie...
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Dalmation Dog Looking at Dalmation Fish
Dalmation Dog Looking at Dalmation Fish Art Print
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Angelfish of the Caribbean
Angelfish of the Caribbean Art Print
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Under the Sea
Under the Sea Art Print
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Tropical Triptych II
Tropical Triptych II Art Print
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Fish Abound in a Coral Reef off the Coast of Papua New Guinea
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Do Fish Make Good Pets?

Puppies are cute little balls of energy. Kittens are adorable, and baby bunnies make most people just want to go “ahh.” But, not everyone is looking for those adorable, cuddly animals.

Some prefer birds they can train to talk while others opt for a more docile pet like the guinea pig. But, what about fish? Are they really good pets?

Sure, fish can’t fetch or go for walks, but if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like getting up early in the morning to take Fido outside to go to the bathroom or who abhors the thought of changing a dirty litter box, a fish might just be your ideal pet.

Therapeutic. Pets can have a therapeutic affect on their owners, and fish are no different. Simply sitting back and watching (and even talking to) your fish can help you relieve the stress of your day and allow you the relaxation you need.

Studies have actually shown that fish can help people calm down which, in turn, can help lower blood pressure. The next time you feel stressed, sit down and imagine the calm humming of an aquarium and the soothing gurgles of the bubbles. Calming image, isn’t it?

No pets allowed. If you live in a rental, you’re probably all too familiar with the concept of “no pets allowed.” But, have you asked your landlord or apartment management if you can have pet fish?

Chances are you’ll be allowed to have an aquarium with fish, though individual landlords and management companies may have restrictions on how big of an aquarium is allowed.

Roommates. People who live with roommates often find that getting a pet can be a sticky subject. There are some people who just do not like animals or who may be allergic to certain animals. In that case, you may find that a happy compromise is an aquarium of fish.

Allergies. Unfortunately, some people can’t have pets with fur or feathers because of severe allergies, making fish an ideal option.

Limited space. If you live in a tight space, fish may well be the perfect pet. While you can purchase a small aquarium to fit your space, make sure the tank has plenty of room for your fish to swim freely.

Less maintenance. Most pet owners know how much work it takes to care for a pet. Fish, however, are lower maintenance pets who require feeding and cleaning of their tanks. However, before you purchase fish, do some research to make sure the different types of fish you want can get along peacefully.

The last thing you want is to buy fish that are not compatible and that will eat each other.

Still not convinced? Talk with other people who have pet fish and find out what they like (and don’t like) about having fish. Go to your local pet store and talk to an associate who is knowledgeable about fish, and just browse the aquariums to get a better feel for whether or not you think you would like to add an aquarium to your home.


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Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and beyond. (Kurt Melvin). All rights reserved.


adventure travel | skiing | scuba | sailing | pets | rafting | kayaks | fishing | camping | biking