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A Red Siamese Fighting Fish in an Aquarium
A Red Siamese Fighting Fish in an Aquarium Photographic Print
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Dahlias and Goldfish
Dahlias and Goldfish Art Print
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Fiji Barrier Reef
Fiji Barrier Reef Art Print
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Cat and Fish
Cat and Fish Art Print
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Goldfish Art Print
Matisse, Henri
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Under The Sea
Under The Sea Art Print
Elmer, Marnie...
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Dalmation Dog Looking at Dalmation Fish
Dalmation Dog Looking at Dalmation Fish Art Print
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Angelfish of the Caribbean
Angelfish of the Caribbean Art Print
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Under the Sea
Under the Sea Art Print
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Tropical Triptych II
Tropical Triptych II Art Print
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Fish Abound in a Coral Reef off the Coast of Papua New Guinea
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Fish Tank Cleaning Feng Shui

Believe it or not, fish tanks are more than some compartmentalized environments for your aquatic pets. They are even more than just ornamental additions to your living quarters. Fish tanks, as Oriental beliefs proclaim, can help pull in some good fortunes in the form of positive chi (energy) from the outside world.

It is not an uncommon fact that many people have tried to raise some types of fishes to bring prosperity and success to their lives. Whereas a decade ago, the Arrowana (dragon fish) was considered as the watery harbinger of good luck, these days, the Flowerhorn has taken on the mantle as the Feng Shui favorite.

But auspicious chi is not merely confined to these species. In fact, aquatic pets of colorful variety have always remained popular among general fish keeping enthusiasts as well as those who are aware of good luck charms and the likes.

After all, positive chi emanates from all that is beautiful, and a well-kept, attractive, and clean aquarium filled with healthy and vibrant fishes can be a virtual factory of favorable fortunes. Best of all, such a well of good tidings can be placed at the very heart of your own home.

It goes without saying, however, that fish tank cleaning is instrumental in establishing your aquarium as a venerable reservoir of positive chi. Aquariums are susceptible to degradation without proper care.

Moss can build up on its glass windows. Water can get dirty and poisonous even with the best filtration system available. The aquatic environment can become home to many parasitic creatures that would feed on the fishes as well as the members of the household.

Fish tank cleaning is actually very easy. All you need to do is to invest some time and effort on tidying up your aquarium regularly. By regularly, we mean a process that should be carried out twice a week.

Here are the steps for proper fish tank cleaning. You won't even have to move the fishes.

1. Prepare a fresh supply of water beforehand, at least a day prior to cleaning up your fish tank. The night would ensure that chlorine would leave the water particles. To be sure, apply a specified amount of anti-chlorine drops on the fresh water.

2. Drain 75% of the fish tank's water.

3. Scrub the aquarium windows with clean foam. Don't use soap!

4. If you're using an under-gravel filter, remove the same and make sure than all the dirt that have accumulated beneath it would be taken out of the remaining water. If you're using an overhead filter, your job would be easier.

5. Fill up the fish tank with the fresh supply of water.

Observing this fish tank cleaning process twice a week would guarantee a clean and beautiful environment for your fishes, as well as their good health. And as a result, you'd be on the good side of established Oriental beliefs, and win for yourself some good luck and great opportunities, whether it be for your personal life or for business.

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Copyright (c) 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and beyond. (Kurt Melvin). All rights reserved.


adventure travel | skiing | scuba | sailing | pets | rafting | kayaks | fishing | camping | biking