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Chaperone Art Print
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New Discoveries
New Discoveries Art Print
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Polar Bear and Cub, Manitoba, Canada
Polar Bear and Cub, Manitoba, Canada Art Print
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Grizzly with Cub
Grizzly with Cub Art Print
Norton, Boyd
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Bad Boys of the Arctic, Polar Bears
Bad Boys of the Arctic, Polar Bears Art Print
Mangelsen, Thomas...
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Wolf and Eagle
Wolf and Eagle Art Print
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Call of the Wild

Eyes of the Hunter: Gray Wolf
Eyes of the Hunter: Gray Wolf Art Print
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Northern Light Wolf
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Polar Bear Mother and Cub in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
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Wildlife Travel: Polar Bears

Polar bears are some of the largest bears on earth, with males weighing up to 1500 pounds! It is also one of the more adaptable of the bear species. The polar bear population located at Hudson’s Bay has acclimated to ice-free summers by moving onto shore at Churchill, Manitoba Canada. These bears fast through the short summer season until the temperatures drop and they can return to the ice.

Unfortunately due to global warming – or the global weather change, has lead to longer and longer ice-free periods. Happily however, these resilient animals are not yet endangered and most polar bear populations are listed by the International Union for Conservation of Nature as stable.

Polar Bear Wildlife Tours

A vast number of companies provide a wide variety of polar bear wildlife tours, which means that nature enthusiasts of all abilities are assured of finding a tour that is just right for them.

The Environmental Adventure Company founded 10 years ago by Michael Sanders, is a great fit for all adventure seekers, especially those interested in limiting their impact on the wildlife that they visit.

The Environmental Adventure Company offers a Polar Bears of Churchill, 7 day/6 night tour which costs $3,695 US dollars. They utilize local biologists, ecologists, cultural history experts and naturalists to ensure that their guests receive a polar bear wildlife experience of the highest quality.

Canoe Frontier Expeditions is another company that offers great polar bear wildlife tours. They believe that wilderness is “medicine for your soul” and offers a variety of canoe and kayak tours.

Their Paddle to the Polar Bears wildlife tour is a 15 day excursion and costs $2,995. This intense 245 mile paddling adventure covers grade 1-4 rapids and is appropriate for experienced paddlers. The trip offers whitewater canoeing, lowlands and limestone rapids, and endless opportunities to experience wildlife up close. Paddling across the boreal forest and on into the Hudson Bay to witness the polar bears is an experience not to be missed.

AdventureSmith Explorations knows that not everyone has the stamina or desire to muscle their way out to the polar bears. Their Land of the Ice Bears: Arctic Svalbard trip provides a delightful alternative for between $5,890 and $9,810.

This adventure begins in Oslo, Norway and heads directly for the Svalbard archipelago on a fully stabilized ice-class expedition ship. A highlight of this trip is experiencing the famous mid-night sun, but the wildlife can’t be beat. Guests are able to explore the ice in search of reindeer, arctic fox, walrus, seals, and of course – polar bears.

The Perfect Polar Bear Wildlife Vacation

Perhaps none of these options is the perfect fit for you. If that is the case, log on to Gordon’s Guide where a search for “polar bear” will yield more than eight pages of options. This adventure travel agency strives to provide quality information that allows active travelers throughout the world to research and plan vacations quickly and simply.


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