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You Gotta Be Kidding
You Gotta Be Kidding Art Print
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Eagle Fishing
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A Little Corella Cockatto Takes Flight from a Pine Tree
A Little Corella Cockatto Takes Flight from a Pine Tree Photographic Print
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Penguin and Chick
Penguin and Chick Art Print
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Parrot Family
Parrot Family Art Print
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Flamingo I
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Penguins Art Print
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Roseate Spoonbill
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Winter Retreat
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Snow Owl
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Keel-Billed Tucan with Cicada Approaching Nest, Barro Colorado Island, Panama
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Birds: The Ultimate Guide to Birds, Birding, and Pet Care

Birds are warm-blooded, vertebrates, and toothless and are found almost everywhere on Earth. Birds have some hollow bones that reduce weight, to help with flying.

Based on fossil evidence, many scientists believe that birds are descendants of the dinosaurs.

If you accept this theory, then techinically speaking, birds are avian dinosaurs and are considered reptiles, however, do birds are totally different from extinct dinosaurs. Birds are the only group of animals other than mammals that are warm blooded.

Birds have a very well-developed brains. Birds can make terrific pets and  when bonded with their keepers can learn from the owner's actions and behavior. and neural system. Birds especially parrots, need plenty of toys in their cage and can have very long life spans, living as long as 50-100 years.

Special Features:

Essential Tips! How To Bird Proof Your Home
Bird Nutrition 101
Adopting A Pet Bird: Q's and A's

Tips on Finding a Great Bird Cage:

Pet Birds and Parrots - Choosing The Right Cage
Acrylic Bird Cages
Sales on Bird Cages
Bird Cages for Cockatiels
Bird Cages for Macaws
Find Wholesale Bird Cages


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