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Keel-Billed Tucan with Cicada Approaching Nest, Barro Colorado Island, Panama
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Bird Watching in Peru

Birders from all over the world converge for birding in Peru.  Arguably the worldís best destination for bird watching, Peru claims around 1,800 species of birds and boasts quite a list of sought after birds.

Can you imagine being on a bird watching trip in this birdersí paradise? The mind-boggling assortment of birds is like an aphrodisiac for bird lovers. Just picture yourself seeing thousands of different types of birds. Visualize your joy when you catch sight of the endangered White-bellied Cinclodes. That would be an event any birding expert would never forget. Thatís what birding in Peru is like.

Or how about seeing even one of the 42 new species of birds that have been discovered in Peru over the past years? It is, possible, you know.  In the Allpahuayo-Mishana reserve they discovered three new species.  According to PromPeru, some of these birds migrated to Peru after becoming extinct elsewhere.

Itís impossible to list the many diverse birding hotspots in Peru. Some of these areas are quite difficult to reach and takes days of travel. They include Chiclayo-Cajamarca Circuit, Macapomarcocha, Tampopata, Huascaran National Park.

Two prominent gathering places for bird watching in Peru are Manu Biosphere Reserve and Paracas National Reserve.  Home of Peruís national bird, the spectacular orange plumaged Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, Manu houses about 1,000 species of birdsómore than one-tenth of all the birds on Earth.

If you delight in seeing mysterious and rare birds, youíll hold your breath in wonder when you get a glimpse of the Rock Parakeets, the beautiful Bearded Mountaineer Hummingbird, Sand-colored Nighthawks. Top off your trip to Manu with a visit to macaw lick where youíll see hundreds of brightly colored macaws and parrots.  Visiting Manu is a bird loverís ultimate birding experience and itís quite a spectacle, to boot.

More than two hundred species of birds make the Paracas National Reserve their home including the Andean Condor, the worldís largest flying bird and the beautiful Chilean Flamingo.

PromPeru claims the second highest number of bird species in the world; world record for the number of bird species seen in a single day; more than 400 of Peruís birds have more than one subspecies; more macaw clay licks than any other country and so much, much moreÖ

Indeed, itís every bird loverís ecstasy. Bird aficionados would delight in birding Peru.


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