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Cat Health: Feline Kidney Disease

Kidney disease is more common to occur in older cats, but sometimes the disease can strike cats of all ages.

If you suspect that your feline friend may have kidney disease then you should pay attention to any changes taking place in regards to urination and the amount of water your cat is drinking.

If either of these two activities increases more and more every week then there may be a problem. Your cat will also start to show signs of weight loss and vomiting.

Anti-freeze, The Most Common Cause Of Kidney Disease

Anti-freeze, which drips from all types of automobiles, is the leading cause of kidney disease in cats as well as dogs. This extremely toxic liquid has a sweet taste to it which is what these animals are drawn to, which is a very common problem, especially in larger city areas.

It would behoove of you and your pet's safety to keep your cat indoors and to do your best with keeping spills of anti-freeze from occurring in your driveway and/or garage area.

Infected Gums May Be Another Culprit Of Kidney Disease In Cats

Although the findings aren't 100% conclusive, researchers have come up with the idea that kidney disease may also result from toxic bacteria that gets inside the cat's bloodstream. This bacteria starts with diseased gums and is ingested from the mouth.

Although there is still a large debate ongoing about the health issues that start with gum disease, you can offer preventative measures for your cat by keeping his teeth and mouth clean.

Listen To Your Veterinarian

If your cat does indeed have kidney disease then you must make the responsible commitment to listen to your veterinarian. He will help monitor the situation and equip you with the knowledge you need to protect your cat's health from degenerating more then it already has.

The doctor may also hospitalize your pet if the disease has progressed. Your cat may need intravenous fluids as well as a multitude of blood tests for accurate readings of his current state of health.

In order to be as helpful as possible to the situation, it is advised that you keep a daily journal of your cat's behavior at home, his appetite, and fluctuations in his weight.

This extra information can go a long way to help the veterinarian do all that he can do for your cat.


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