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Cat Care Guide - Clumping Cat Litter

Sometimes it is funny where progress can lead a person. There was a time when cat litter was just that, cat litter.

In other words, there were no unique or different spins on the traditional cat litter. Today, cat litter is comprised of a number of different variants including biodegradable litter, pine litter, clay litter and the highly preferred clumping cat litter.

Clumping cat litter essentially clumps its separate particles together to clump the catís waste and the litter into a brick like shape. This enables the catís owner to dispose of the waste relatively easily which is why clumping cat litter is as widely popular as it is these days.

Some cats are hypersensitive to traditional litter and may not wish to use the litter box when it is present. In the past, this used to lead to many cats being given up on by their owners. Now, clumping litter can be used as a substitute for cats that do not like traditional litter and refuse to use the litter box.

There have been, however, some unfounded beliefs that clumping litter is not safe for cats to use. Some cats might be adverse to it because of the dust that it kicks up and causes them to cough.

This has lead to wild speculation that clumping cat litter is harmful to cats. In actuality, there has never been any contention on the part of any veterinary medicine group that has ever put forward a belief that clumping cat litter is dangerous.

Ultimately, it is best to purchase the clumping cat litter and see if your cats take to it without any seeming problems.

If any coughing starts, then it would be wise to switch to a different type of cat litter variant. It is as simple as that.


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