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Fat Cat Warning - Read This Now If Your Cat Is Overweight

Feeding your cat and keeping him healthy is usually a very easy process. It doesn't take much to keep up with feeding your pet two or three times a day with decent cat food.

However, there are times when your cat may go through periods of eating problems. Some cats become way too fat from overheating and others lose weight rapidly because they are not eating enough.

What is a healthy weight for a normal sized cat?

Of course some breeds of cat are larger than others, but an average sized cat will typically weigh between seven and ten pounds.

If you are unsure how to gauge your cat's weight, all you have to do is take a look at his ribs. If the bones are prominent and obvious, then your cat is a bit on the thin side and there is a problem. On the other hand, if his ribs are completely hidden and they are hard to locate with your hand, then he is obviously too fat.

Obesity Kills, Even Cats...

Did you know that obesity is one of the highest nutrition-based problems that veterinarians handle with cats? Records show that almost 50% of the cats that show up at veterinarians each year are considered overweight.

And if you ask any of these cat owners about their overweight cat, most will smile and explain that they feed their cat out of love because the animal enjoys food. Unfortunately, this is a serious health issue that these people are clueless about.

We have all heard on the news just how dangerous it is for people to be overweight because it causes a variety of diseases. The same holds true for cats.

Obese cats can suffer an enormous amount of health problems. For example:

1. Problems with tendons

2. Torn ligaments

3. Diabetes

4. Breathing issues

5. Skin diseases (because overweight cats cannot groom and clean themselves properly)

6. Hepatic Lipidosis (an extremely serious liver disease that afflicts overweight felines) The bottom line here is that if you care for your cat and you know you are the cause of feeding him too much food, then you have the responsibility as the loving pet owner to keep him healthy. First be sure to take him to the veterinarian for a complete check up.

The doctor will be able to assess his current condition and assist you in making the necessary dietary changes needed.


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