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Feline Health Tips - Pine Cat Litter

Clay litter is the most common cat litter on the market and it comes with a host of problems that a pet owner would be wise to avoid. Cats can develop quite a problem if they inhale the dust that emanates from clay based litter.

One of the best alternatives to clay litter is pine cat litter. Pine cat litter has a host of other benefits to both the cat and the owner and should always be used over the choice of clay litter.

Cat urine has a very strong ammonia like smell. In clay cat litter, the urine is soaked up and absorbed by the litter in such a manner that the ammonia smells becomes part of the fabric of the clay. This causes the cat smell to greatly expand. Needless to say, such a smell is hardly welcome.

A pine smell would be much preferable and considering that pine cat litter is non-absorbent, the expansion of the cat urine order will be greatly diminished which another huge benefit over clay based cat litter.

This biodegradable cat litter has a strange reaction in the box where the waste degrades part of the pine pellets, which drops off the pellets and lands at the bottom of the litter box. This takes the stench and smell with it.

The means of cleaning pine cat litter is also much easier. Solid waste can be scooped up and flushed. The pine cat litter will not clog a toilet so there should be no worry there.

When the litter totally degrades into a dust like texture, the litter can be flushed or thrown out or deposited in the yard. As any pet owner can see cat litter that is made with pine is a tremendous variant on cat litter and it would be a great thing to get for your cat.


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