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Kitty Art Print
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Landy Art Print
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Pin Ups
Pin Ups Art Print
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Never Doing That Again
Never Doing That Again Art Print
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Real Pals
Real Pals Mini Poster
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Hats 2 kittens
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Ragdoll Kitten Playing with Colored Yarn
Ragdoll Kitten Playing with Colored Yarn Photographic Print
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Siamese Kittens
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Kittens on Fence
Kittens on Fence Art Print
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Cat Care - Self Cleaning Cat Litter Boxes

Do you find that it is difficult to remember to clean out your cat's litter box daily? For many people, that is certainly a problem, which is why the self cleaning cat litter box can be a great investment for cat lovers.

You love your pet, but scooping out his box daily or remembering to change out the litter with any regularity can be difficult. With a self cleaning cat litter box, you can eliminate those problems.

What exactly is a self cleaning cat litter box? When you first look at it, you may suspect it is little different than a regular litter box except that the walls are a bit taller and that there is some extra trim. In reality, though, all the difference in the world lies in those extras. When your cat uses the self cleaning litter box, a motion detector activates a timer.

A couple of minutes after the cat leaves the box, then, a rake runs through the litter and pulls any clumps into a disposable tray. All you have to do is change the tray out once a week or so and add litter to the box every few days. It makes your life a lot easier.

The self cleaning litter box is for anyone who owns one or more cats. It saves you a lot of daily work and frees you up to enjoy your cats more without having to slave over them. You simply need to make sure there is a nearby outlet for your self cleaning cat litter box to plug into.

Other than that, it comes from the box ready to use. Also, if you worry about kick out mess from your feline friend, then there are tents that can be purchased to go over your litter box.

A self cleaning cat litter box is a great luxury. Sure, it is not necessary and it does require a little bit of a financial commitment, but it is worth it.

Instead of spending time every day scooping, your self cleaning litter box lets you take time to do other things that your busy life requires.


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