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New Puppy - How To handle His First Few Days Home

Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a new puppy. Now comes the biggest challenge that you and your new pet are about to experience his first week home.

In order to get through this first week without going nuts or getting your home in a complete disarray, you have to remember that your puppy, just like an newborn baby, looks up to you as his parent and depends on you for just about everything.

You have to realize that your puppy's first week home, although challenging, can also be fun and exciting as long as you apply patience and know what to expect.

The secrets to surviving the first few days with the pup is not to get overwhelmed and to be understanding rather than get mad. Your puppy is not misbehaving because he's a bad dog or because he doesn't like you. He is acting that way because he simply doesn't know how to behave otherwise and he doesn't know your rules yet. Therefore, it is up to you to establish the rules and teach him how to obey them.

There are four basic things that your new puppy needs from you right now: food, water, potty pads, and toys. Aside from those four tangible things, your puppy also needs your attention, understanding, and love. Give your puppy these things and he will give you his full devotion and loyalty in return.

Below is a list of some of the things you can do to make your puppy's first week home a fun and learning experience, for both you and him.

1. Give him a name and help him learn it. Get some sugar-free dry cereal, place it in a cup, and shake it back and forth while calling his name. This is a great way to get to associate the name with something that grabs his attention. Do not get disappointed if he doesn't learn his name right away or if he doesn't come to you. Remember, everything is new to him right now.

2. Don't call him when you are angry. You want him to come to you, and scaring him is not going to accomplish anything positive.

3. Start potty training. Show him where to go by using words such as potty, newspaper, or outside.

4. Train him not to nip. Spread a little butter on your fingers and say kisses.

5. Your puppy may cry during his first night home. This is because he misses his mother and litter mates. Have him sleep in your room for the first couple of nights to reassure him that he is not alone.


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