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Special Kanine Report: Specialty Dog Collars

Sometimes we like to do something a little special for our pets. In the case of buying something a little different for our dogs, we may decide to go with a designer dog collar.

Here are a few facts about designer collars, and some things to consider if you plan on buying one or two for your dog.

A designer dog collar will often carry with it a theme of some sort. In some cases, the theme may lend itself to something distinctive about the breed itself, or the country of origin of your dog's breed. As an example, an ideal designer dog collar for a Scottish terrier may carry a plaid or tartan design.

An Irish sheep dog may very well be decked out with a designer dog collar that features gold studs set in brilliant green leather. If the idea is to recognize something about the country of origin, there is any number of ways to incorporate that into a theme for a designer dog collar.

At times, the designer collar may be less indicative of something to do with the dog or the origins of the breed, and have a great deal to do with the tastes of the owner. As an example, a poodle that is owned by a woman who favors pink may find that the designer dog collar is made with materials that are in various shades of pink, and may include studs or other ornamentation that are similar to jewelry that is favored by the owner.

A biker type may decide to deck out his dog in a spike covered black leather designer dog collar, one that matches the leather accessories that the owner likes to wear when hanging out with his biking buddies. A businessperson may go for something that is simple and tasteful, perhaps even somewhat conservative.

Someone who is very conscious of picking the right accessories to go with every outfit may keep on hand a number of different designer dog collars, each of them matching one of the owner's favorite walking outfits.

The holidays are a time when many dog owners go in for a designer collar. How often have we seen dog collars with a Christmas theme that allows our pets to be included in the fun? We may be able to coax our pets in to wearing designer dog collars that blink small colored lights, or are embossed with tiny Santa's or perhaps reindeer in flight. 

Fancy Dog Collars

From time to time, there are opportunities to literally bring life to the old expression "putting on the dog." You may feel the need to dress your dog in something a little special, owing to an event that is coming up. Here are some suggestions for ways that you can come up with ideas for a fancy dog collar that match the occasion.

An ongoing event in the life of many dog lovers is participating in community events that bring attention to the plight of unwanted animals. One way that may local humane shelters accomplish this is to hold a dog walkathon once or twice a year.

Many pet owners who obtained their four legged companions from the local shelter make it a point to participate in these walks. When making a decision to participant in these events with your dog, you may want to use a fancy dog collar that also calls attention to the cause the two of you are supporting.

Something as simple as "I found my owner at the local humane shelter" emblazoned on the collar itself can be a powerful way to remind people that there are many lovable animals that are in need of a good home.

We sometimes like to dress up our dogs for different holidays as well. In addition to the major holidays that most of us celebrate in some form, there may be others that appeal to you for cultural or ethic reasons. As an example, you may have a lot of fun with Saint Patrick's Day.

Get you're dog involved by having a green collar that is studded with shamrocks made up for the occasion. Your dog will get a lot of attention due to the fancy dog collar, and your pet might be delighted by the extra pats and good wishes thrown his way. 

Sometimes you just want a fancy dog collar as a way of doing something a little extra special for your pet. Dog collars come in just about every imaginable color, material and style. If you are looking for a fancy dog collar as a special treat for a pet that you love, then let your imagination run wild.

Chances are you can find something that will suit your pet and give you a lot of satisfaction at the same time.

Personalized Dog Collar

If you have had dogs for long enough, and you have lived long enough, then no doubt at one point or another, you've experienced the trauma of having a dog either run away from home, or else get outside and get hopelessly lost and not be able to find his way back home.

Dogs who chase things (mine have always been fond of chasing rabbits) are the worst about this; they're too interested in the rabbit right in front of them to pay attention to where they're going, and consequently they end up lost. This is what makes a personalized dog collar so essential.

If some kind soul finds your dog, they may want to return it, but have absolutely no way of discovering who you are or where to find you. Even if your dog has a collar--which will at least prove that he belongs to someone--it may make a person try harder to get him home, but it won't help him actually get there.

Only a personalized dog collar can do that. If your dog were to get lost or run away, wouldn't you want him back? And you can get little tags to make a personalized dog collar at any superstore. These tags, which clip onto any normal collar, are essential for keeping your pet safe at home and ensuring that he or she gets back home when he or she gets lost.

These kind of tags for making personalized dog collars are quite inexpensive--usually not more than five or six dollars--and well worth the peace of mind.

Most tags allow you to personalize the tag with two, three, or sometimes even four lines of text. *The most important information you can include on your pet's personalized dog collar* is your name and phone number!

If you have room, put your pet's name first, followed by your full name, first and last, and then your phone number. Don't forget the area code! Addresses are too bulky, hard to track down, and often leave no room for your phone number or even your name.

Spiked Dog Collars

When punk dressers first started wearing spiked collars, it was something weird, something strange and foreign and a little bit offensive. Now, however, wearing a spiked collar has started to become a little bit cool.

It's still only worn by people wanting to project a 'bad boy' image (or a 'bad girl' image, of course; more girls are wearing spiked collars than boys these days), but as the 'bad boy' (or girl) image becomes more popular, we've seen a matching increase in the popularity of the spiked dog collar as a fashion accessory.

Wearing 'dog's clothes' as fashion accessories is hardly a new trend; dog tags, which are a bit more reserved and laid back, found their place in the fashion industry back in the nineties. Because they are more conservative, smaller, and easier to dismiss, they caught on much faster than the spiked dog collar.

It was less offensive, less in your face, and even 'good girls' and 'good boys' will wear a dog tag nowadays. What's worth noting, however, is that especially with the latest trends swinging so much towards metal accessories on every part of your clothing, the spiked dog collar is less a 'bad boy' accessory than ever.

Teens who never would have dreamed of wearing a spiked collar in the nineties think little or nothing of wearing them now. There are even 'Christian' spiked collars, with a cross hanging from them.

As with almost any sort of fashion accessory, the spiked dog collar is losing its original image as it gains popularity. Whatever those people who wouldn't wear them no matter how popular they become may think, it's hard to deny that the spiked dog collar has lost at least some of its former 'bad boy' image.

Whether you would wear them or not, it's safe to say that the spiked dog collar is no longer just for dogs anymore.

Rhinestone Dog Collar

There is a huge debate among pet owners about the rhinestone dog collar. Is it sissy? Is it classy? Is it just plain ridiculous? Of course there will always be differences of opinion about this; it is, after all, just another aspect of fashion, just another fashion question, and fashion is there to be disagreed about.

Certainly there are dogs who would look just plain silly in a rhinestone collar. A doberman or rottweiler, for example, springs to mind. And some dogs are too hairy for you to see the rhinestone dog collar at all.

However, there are some dogs who look quite chic in a rhinestone dog collar. Many small, shorter haired terriers can pull it off, such as the Yorkshire terrier, as can any toy poodle. But even within these breeds, it takes a special dog to really look classy in a rhinestone dog collar.

Let's face it, a rhinestone dog collar is gaudy and designed to draw attention, and for the dog who knows how to strut its stuff, a rhinestone dog collar will sparkle. For any other dog, the gemstone studded collar is probably too much. Rhinestones aren't made for your friendly neighborhood canine; they're totally for the dog with its classy nose up in the air, the dog with more self-assurance than a cat.

Haven't we all known dogs like that before? And on such a dog, the collar can actually look really classy.

So, as with any other kind of extreme fashion statement, if you can look good in it, you can look great in it. And if you can't pull it off, you're just going to look stuffy and ridiculous. My suggestion to pet owners?

Don't burden a dog with a rhinestone collar if they're not the kind of dog who can wear it. Let's face it, it takes a pretty stuck up little pooch to wear a rhinestone collar. But the ones who can wear it, can wear it well.


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