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Long Haired Chinchilla Mark of Allington, Sticks His Tongue Out for the Camera, December 1958
Long Haired Chinchilla Mark of Allington, Sticks His Tongue Out for the Camera, December 1958 Photographic Print
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S'up Ladies!
S'up Ladies! Magnet
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A Large Tarantula Spider on a Mans Arm
A Large Tarantula Spider on a Mans Arm Photographic Print
Moore, W. Robert
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Close View of a Llama with Tassels in its Ears
Close View of a Llama with Tassels in its Ears Photographic Print
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Mixed-Breed Pigs
Mixed-Breed Pigs Photographic Print
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Fox and Winter Coat
Fox and Winter Coat Art Print
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Monkey, Silver Springs, Florida
Monkey, Silver Springs, Florida Art Print
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Striped Skunk
Striped Skunk Photographic Print
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Brown Pig
Brown Pig Art Print
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Close-up of Three Llamas
Close-up of Three Llamas Photographic Print
Boyer, David
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Pet Breeders vs Animal Shelters

You've decided that now is the right time to bring a new pet into your home, but you haven't yet decided whether you want to adopt from a local animal shelter or a breeder.

The decision is an important first step in actually adding a new pet to your family. Start by making a list of characteristics of your ideal pet. Once you know your requirements for a pet, consider the benefits of adopting from an animal shelter or purchasing from a breeder.

Benefits of Adopting From An Animal Shelter

Save a life. Perhaps the biggest benefit of adopting from an animal shelter is the fact that you'll be saving a life. Even if you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you're helping to create a space for another homeless pet who might otherwise have gone to a kill-shelter. Approximately 10 million pets are said to be euthanized every year because there are simply not enough homes.

Get an already-trained pet. While you can find young pets at an animal shelter, you will also find an abundance of older pets who have, for some reason or other, lost their homes.

Many of these pets are already housetrained and are just as enthusiastic as a young pet. Even if a pet isn't housetrained, she can be. That old saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks" is just that: an old saying.

Pet will generally already be altered. Many animal shelters either spay or neuter their pets before adoption or require you to sign an agreement stating that you will ensure the pet is altered. In some cases, animal shelters provide adopters a coupon for a discounted rate on the spaying or neutering.

Save money. Adopting a pet from an animal shelter generally costs far less than purchasing a pet from a breeder.

All shapes, all sizes, all breeds. Generally, animal shelters are filled with all breeds of dogs, cats, and other animals. If you're looking for a dog who has a pedigree, you'll likely find one at a shelter or animal rescue.

There are myriad benefits to choosing to adopt from an animal shelter. Be aware, however, that some of those pets in shelters and rescues around the country have been through rough times, and in some instances, abuse.

Such pets need even more love and affection, but formerly abused animals can blossom into some of the best, most loving pets.

Benefits of Purchasing From A Breeder

Can get the exact breed when you want. If you're in a hurry and have a particular breed of pet in mind, you'll likely be able to find that pet from a breeder.

Know the genetic history. Purchasing from a breeder means you'll know the parentage, including any health problems, of your new pet.

Can get the age you want. If you want a puppy, you'll likely be able to find a puppy of the exact age for which you're looking.

The biggest disadvantage to buying a pet from a breeder is the fact that there are millions of deserving, loving pets in animal shelters around the country living on borrowed time, waiting for their forever homes. However, there are some exotic pets that will leave you with no choice but to purchase from a breeder.

If you decide to purchase a pet from a breeder, make sure you:

* Ask plenty of questions of the breeders you are considering;

* Ask for references from a veterinarian(s), and contact by phone the references you are given;

* Find out what, if any, health guarantee(s) come with the pet;

* Choose a breeder with whom you feel comfortable talking and asking advice;

* Know the breed you want and their potential health problems;

* Ask for references from previous clients.

Ultimately, deciding from where to adopt a pet is a very personal decision. You must decide whether an animal shelter or breeder is best for your needs and wants.


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