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Crocodile in Green Water, Malaysia
Crocodile in Green Water, Malaysia Photographic Print
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Close-Up of a Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana), Costa Rica
Close-Up of a Green Iguana (Iguana Iguana), Costa Rica Photographic Print
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Crocodile (Crocodylidae Crocodilia) Jumping for Food on Adelaide River, Australia
Crocodile (Crocodylidae Crocodilia) Jumping for Food on Adelaide River, Australia Photographic Print
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Swifty Art Print
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Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis Callidryas), Costa Rica
Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis Callidryas), Costa Rica Photographic Print
Maiquez, Alfredo
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Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus Niloticus), Paga, Ghana
Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus Niloticus), Paga, Ghana Photographic Print
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A Side-View Portrait of a Captive Komodo Dragon
A Side-View Portrait of a Captive Komodo Dragon Photographic Print
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Close View of a Draco Lizard on a Tree Branch
Close View of a Draco Lizard on a Tree Branch Photographic Print
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Extreme Close-up of a Gecko in the Rain Forest
Extreme Close-up of a Gecko in the Rain Forest Photographic Print
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Finding Nemo - Turtle
Finding Nemo - Turtle Poster
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Frog Art Print
Flach, Tim
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Silhouette of Underwater Sea Turtle from Beneath
Silhouette of Underwater Sea Turtle from Beneath Photographic Print
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Learn Why Iguanas Are Ideal Pets For Some People

Why do people own green iguanas? Aside from the fun of showing off a little dinosaur resting comfortably on your shoulder, what is it that is so fascinating about having a huge untamed lizard that can grow up to 6 ft long and has a tendency to bite?

Contrary to what many people think, a green iguana makes a unique and amazing pet. Just like any other pet, you need to learn what is required for your iguana to stay healthy and for you to avoid any frustration that you may encounter down the road. Once you establish a suitable diet and environment for this creature to thrive, the caring and maintenance is relatively simple.

The longer you have your iguana and the more you spend time with it, the more you will see it's personality unfold. All green iguanas have different personalities. Each one has definite likes and dislikes. They all have moods that can change every single day, every month, and every year. Some iguana owners claim that their pets behave more like a mammal than a lizard.

If properly trained, they can be affectionate and even bond with their owners.

Having an iguana as a pet has many advantages over other types of pets. Iguanas don't require vaccines, shots or registration tags. They do not get Lyme disease, rabies, ticks, ringworms, mange, or fleas.

Unlike cats or other furry animals, iguanas do not cause allergies.

Unlike dogs, iguanas do not cause destruction around the house when left alone. They do not require constant attention. Iguanas do not need long walks. They don't go through the garbage can and spread trash all over the kitchen floor. They don't pee on you neighbor's legs. They don't howl at sirens, cry at night, or bark incessantly when a stranger is nearby.

Unlike cats, iguanas will not scratch your couch until it shreds into pieces. They do not cover the furniture with fur and they do not require stinky litter boxes. They do not puke up hair balls or screech when in heat.

Unlike a fish aquarium, your home will not turn into a small lake if you knock over an iguana's house. Furthermore, these animals aren't messy like birds that throws food and leave feathers around the house.

Iguanas do not make any vocal sounds, making them apartment friendly. In fact, many apartment complexes do not require a pet deposit for an iguana because it is considered a low-risk pet.

When getting a pet, the first two animals that come to mind for most people are dogs or cats. Dogs and cats are preferred generally because of their traits, their behavior, and how they interact and bond with people.

These animals are chosen among other types of pets because they can easily adapt to new environments and they have human-like qualities that make them so desirable.

But why do people own iguanas? Do iguanas share the same behaviors and characteristics that make social animals like dogs and cats likable? If so, what are they? Below are 6 reasons why iguanas are chosen by many pet owners. By examining the following reasons, you can find out if an iguana is right for you.

1. The main reason why people get an uncommon pet in general, an iguana in particular, is that they are truly fascinated by them. These people are genuinely interested in reptiles and everything about these creatures. And iguana is their dream pet. Many of these types of pet owners have always wanted an iguana.

2. Many people enjoy that feeling of closeness and that special bond that they get with an animal. For some people, a green iguana is that animal. Although an average iguana will not be as loyal and devoted to you as a dog might be, true companionship and closeness do occur over time, with a lot of caring on the relationship and as the iguana gets older.

Many iguana owners get attached to their pet and consider it as a friend and part of the family. These creatures are mostly independent in nature but will often surprise you with their need to be close and the desire to spend time and interact with their owners.

3. Green iguanas are usually the preferred pet for those people who love reptiles but hate having to deal with high levels of maintenance and care associated with some of them. Although the basic habitat and food conditions for iguanas must be exact and specific, it is not difficult to maintain once you are done with the initial set-up.

Cleaning their cage is simple and iguanas do not need live food. Their diet is less expensive than that of cats or dogs.

4. Iguanas don't smell bad. While dogs get that musty dog smell, iguanas naturally have a nice, neutral odor, which is barely detectable.

5. Some people want an alternative to common household pets. They like the non-traditional pets for different reasons, and green iguanas fit that category. They don't bark, they live long (an average of 15 years), they are allergy-friendly, they require limited space in the house, they are independent and yet they seem to surprise you with their ability to bond and get close.


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